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About Us

Van Straten Solicitors offers much more than legal advice, introducing its clients to a wide network of partners, each of which help to develop client's careers.  The firm also offers an international service, primarily by using a range of key European and US based contacts. 

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Media & Entertainment

Within our firm, we represent corporate clients and talent who work across the entire media spectrum, including recording artists, songwriters, music producers, broadcasters, models, celebrities and other individuals that are frequently in the public eye.

We offer our services to both established clients and those at the formative stages of their career.  Aside from individual counsel, our team is able to advise on the primary business and legal affairs relating to the specific industries and each of our representatives specialise in individual sectors. 

Our goal is to create a fluent working environment between our firm and its clients. At the core of our values is our belief in the need to provide a personal service which is informal and approachable but also honest and forthright.

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We represent a number of sporting clients past, present and future, across a variety of sports most notably, Football, Rugby, Boxing and Athletics.


We deal with a variety of issues that affect sportsmen and women in both their professional and private lives including contracts (employment and commercial) to privacy and reputational matters and everything else in between.


Adam Van Straten is an FA registered Intermediary.

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